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Gender equality is about a word called vef

Vef is a word about gender equality. Vef Foundation is a global community project.

Gender equality refers to the view that females and males should be given equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on gender. Vef allows this opportunity because it is a word that removes any gender prejudice associated with woman. We use spoken and written words every single day to communicate ideas, thoughts and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate successfully, and often we’re not so successful. Vef is the perfect word to use when referring to an adult female.

Vef formula
The criteria necessary for deciding upon a word that will inevitably replace woman are as follows.

1. This word must have three letters because the most important words in the English language usually have three letters. Man is one of the most valued words in our language, it has three letters. So a word created to describe adult girls should have three letters if equal value applies. Other words that are significant to humanity and have three letters include air, boy, day, god, him, sky, sun. Vef is destined to make a lovely addition to this list.

2. Venus and Mars. Man is usually associated with Mars .. so we say men are from Mars. So isn’t it proper to associate vef with Venus and use the same criteria? So then we can say vaf are from Venus (vaf being the plural of vef). The first two letters of Mars are ma – the first two letters of man are the same. The first two letters of Venus are ve .. so it’s appropriate that the first two letters of a word that refers to an adult female are ve. One of the most feminine letters of the English alphabet is f and when it is added to ve which are the first two letters of Venus it gives us our chosen word vef.

Vef = Venus flower

3. Another interesting part of this formula comes from popular belief that the first man’s name was Adam and the first woman’s name was Eve. Surely vef is a better description of Eve given that it contains ve and is a three-letter word. Just as man is a good description of Adam given that man includes the letters ma and is also a three-letter word. Vef is accordingly a proper description of Eve.

4. Woman derives from an old English word wimman and means wife + man. Woman implies “of man” and is a possessive noun that belongs to man. The word woman is obsolete. Vef belongs to herself. Vef replaces woman. Vaf belong to themselves. Vaf replaces women.

5. The V shape represents a female womb, so isn’t it proper that a word devised as an alternative to woman can start with the letter v as in vef?

6. There is a three-letter word club and guess who isn’t in it? Woman is not a three-letter word so women are not allowed to join the three-letter word club. Vef is a three-letter word which enables vaf (plural) to become equal members of the three-letter word club.

7. Language is like a glue within a culture that joins everything together. Words are forms of linguistic expression that relay meaning and can be spoken, printed or written.

8. Vef was created not by accident but by rigorous analysis using an exact method.

9. Vef is not just a word, it is a philosophy.


Vef definition
1. A female human being (as distinguished from man).
2. An adult female person (as distinguished from girl).
3. Feminine nature, characteristics, or feelings: the vef in you -adj. -vefish adj. veflike, vefly adj.

Vef noun = woman
Vaf noun (plural of vef) = women

Vef usage
Recently I was shopping at the local store when I saw a vef who I thought looked familiar. Only later realizing my error, actually I didn’t know her. So anyway this vef had a child with her .. a girl with blonde hair and a green ribbon. I observed this vef for quite awhile. Shortly a man came walking along and he bumped her arm which caused the grocery bag she was carring to drop to the ground. Very rude. The man didn’t stop to pick up this vefs handbag so I rushed over to help her. I think it’s awful how some men treat vaf, often there’s just not enough respect.

Vef suggestions (Using the word vef instead of woman)
It’s a vef’s world = it’s a woman’s world
To be one’s own vef = to be one’s own woman
She is an intelligent vef = she is an intelligent woman
Pretty vef walking down the street = pretty woman walking down the street
Vef’s healthy life = woman’s healthy life

Vef harmony
The English language already contains two gender specific words that are balanced. Her and him are words of equal proportions, they both have three letters. Man and woman are certainly not equal words. Vef is a word that can co-exist with man and provide harmony.

Vef phrase
To be your own vef is to be one’s self with confidence.

Vef change
Vef is a word that will change a girl into a liberated adult person of her own making.

Vef simply
Take the first two letters out of female – add V for Venus – then spell it backwards – you have Vef. So could there possibly be a more appropriate word to inevitably replace woman?
Yes it’s that simple.

Vef now
Vef is about equality, identity and liberty. Gender equality is possible only when cultural attitudes are harmonious. Written/spoken language is powerful and our way of communicating. Vef equals correct use of language. Vef is universal and can be adopted by any society. Oh yes! Vef is a word that will change the world. Vef is not about segregation. Vef can actually bring us together. So now lets’ embrace vef.

Vef quote
Dreams are the fruit of the womb of a vef’s mind.

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Vef is a non-profit foundation. © Vef Foundation 2013 – 2014

Designs on life: Gems of wisdom


I’m always looking for inspiration while frantically working on this blog. These gems of wisdom often jump into my head whilst I do.

Designs on life
Be the architect of your moment
plant a garden in your imagination
let the trees and flowers tower above the rooftops
then rearrange the houses in your neighborhood
choose a vibrant new door colour or change the ring of your doorbell
become the architect of your moment.

Both while and whilst have been in the language for a very long time. While was in use in Old English; whilst is a Middle English development of while. As conjunctions they are interchangeable in meaning, but whilst has not survived in standard American English. To the American ear whilst sounds quaint. Some British and Canadian speakers think it sounds literary or old-fashioned, but many British speakers prefer it to while.

So I’ll see you in a while. Ha!Ha!

Bye Vef


Necromancy – it’s time for bed


Some words have an unusual attraction, which I find intriguing – necromancy is one of these words.

The blackest of all the black arts is undoubtedly necromancy, the ancient method of communication with the dead. The art of raising the dead and controlling their spirits takes its name from Greek words meaning “dead body” and “prophecy or divination”. A ceremony is performed by a magician to evoke the dead who needs to obtain the help of powerful spirits, both for her/his own protection and to compel the corpse or ghost to submit to his/her will. Scent and odours must be carefully produced from burning substances for their powerful influences. Elaborate preparations include careful study of the positions of the planets, and especially of the moon and the influence of Saturn.

You may notice my use of her/his .. and that’s the whole reason for posting. Gender equality starts with getting our vocabulary right. Vef is a word that provides the perfect solution for solving the nagging issue of gender equality. Okay, let’s get back to necromancy.

Early necromancy was related to – and most likely evolved from – shamanism, which calls upon spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors. Classical necromancers addressed the dead in “a mixture of high-pitch squeaking and low droning”, comparable to the trance-state mutterings of shamans.

I came across this short poem written by Emily Dickinson

Ah! necromancy sweet.
Ah! wizard erudite.
Teach me the skill,

That I in still the pain
Surgeons assuage in vain,
Nor herb of all the plain
Can heal.

Emily Dickinson was a poet who took definition as her province, she challenged the existing definitions of poetry and the poet’s work. Like writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman, she experimented with expression in order to free it from conventional restraints. Like writers such as Charlotte Brontë and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she crafted a new type of persona for the first person.

So what is the definition of necromancy?
1. Conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events.
2. Magic in general, especially that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft.

What are the superstitions?
In the conjuring of the souls of the dead, necromancy seemed to offer human beings a means of exerting control over an uncertain world

Someone posted a comment on another blog.
I woke up with this word necromancy going over and over in my head. I wrote it out on a piece of paper while I was still half asleep. What does this mean?

Okay! It’s time for bed.

Goodnight Vef


Why does Google punish?


I’m angry. Google is making my blogging life a misery. It seems the more I try to do the right thing and improve this blog – Google punishes.

I’ll give you an example. Recently I learned that my pictures are titled incorrectly or not given word titles at all. So like a good little bee I decided to get busy and fix them with descriptive titles and replace the old ones. Using the same images just with new titles. Every time I did this my blog slides down a long way in Google searches. Oh no, not just a few places, but more like a couple of pages per picture.

That’s one example and here’s another. I’ve gone over all my old posts to tidy them up with fresh text and checking for broken links. So being fastidious I also checked grammar and punctuation just to get it right. Oops! Same thing again – blog drops in Google searches.

What am I supposed to do? Making changes to Vef Foundation’s blog seems to be a no-no with Google. Yet I would have thought the opposite. I’d like to attract visitors and having appealing pages is one way of doing this. Perhaps not?

Bing and Yahoo have always had way better search results for this blog. So what’s the deal with Google. Why does Google continue to punish good behaviour?

I really could be getting on with the job of writing nice words about gender equality and finding pictures to post. However I’m spending hours and hours every day struggling with these annoying Google issues. Incidentally, most of the images used on this blog are taken from the Internet and where possible credit is given to author. I try to avoid infringing anyones copyright.

Okay, I get the hint. Google hates my blog. Yes! Vef is upset.

Bye Vef

PS. Typed my blog name Vef twice in quick succession because Google says it likes it this way. Key words and all that stuff. Ha!Ha!


Gender equality using naughty words


I’ve been reading and discovered the following quote on a feminist website. “No woman is beholden to her husband or any other man simply by virtue of being a woman.” Okay, I say to this – what a lot of shit. Of course woman is bound to a man due to the word itself. Woman actually means wife of man, it is a possessive noun. Vef is a liberal noun, so the reverse situation is true.

Vef is about gender equality which, can easily be achieved by using correct language. Vef is not just for females. Vef is also important for males as it encourages the concept of fair play.

Questions: How important is gender difference to us? What are the first words usually spoken immediately after the birth of a baby? Answers: Gender is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. We often ask is it a boy or girl when a baby is born? I accept girl and boy as being reasonably equal childhood terms, however I certainly do not accept the adult words man and woman as being equitable. Notice that woman usually follows man in a sentence, this is because they are not harmonious descriptions of both sexes. Woman gives the impression of belonging to man, whereas vef is certainly a word that belongs to itself.

Gender equality is the absence of discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex in opportunities, the allocation of resources and benefits, or access to services. (Link)

Woman is an obsolete word that has many negative connotations and should be replaced. Vef is getting it right with language and therefore is the ideal word to do this. Vef is a priority if gender equality is to be taken seriously.

Bye Vef


Gender equality is letting go of woman


Oops! It’s been awhile since I posted, there has been a lot of frustrating online technical activity to sort out. Firstly, I’d like to thank a lovely WordPress friend Amanda for inspiring me to write this short piece. Okay, so now let’s get to the point of my blog. Vef is a word that I created many years ago to solve the nagging issue of gender equality. Could it be that simple? Just replace the word ‘woman’ with a little three-letter word called Vef and problem fixed. Yes it is. Words are powerful, we use them to identity ourselves and others. Words tend to give us our place in society. Vef stands for Venus flower, when you take the first two letters out of Venus then add f you get the word Vef. Woman is a man’s word that carries with it a lot of stigma. Wow! That’s a bit strong or is it? I think not. You see equality is regarding equal opportunity for both sexes. You can read more about this subject on Vef Foundation home page.

Bye, Vef

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You are the author of your own gender equality


You are the author of your own life. You can write stories that say who you are. An author is broadly defined as “the person who originated or gave existence to anything” and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created. If you want something to change then you need to change the way you tell your story.

My name is Marc Voynet and I’m writing a story about a word called vef. Vef is a word that I created – it means Venus Flower. Vef Foundation is a global community project that I am establishing to clearly define Vef’s purpose which, is gender equality. I’m a self taught writer, so for me, this challenge doesn’t come easy, but I’ll stick with it until success appears on the horizon. Gender equality is only possible when society attitudes are harmonious. Vef is a word that will inevitably replace woman in our language. Vef equals correct use of language. Vef is not about segregation it is about bringing together. I say let’s embrace vef now and we can become the authors of our own gender equality.

Bye Vef


The Birth Of Venus and Gender Equality

Birth_ of_Venus_by_Joseph_Stella_Vef

Venus is more than just a planet in our solar system. She is also a focus of legend and mystery. I have a particular love of art which depicts Venus in her many forms. This painting by Joseph Stella is certainly one of the best. Interestingly Venus is usually referred to in a feminine sense, and that’s part of my story. Vef was created, not by accident, but by clever design and the evolution of a precise formula. Vef is a word derived from ‘Venus flower’ and thus forms the logical basis for Vef’s existence.

Joseph Stella (1877-1946) was an early modernist who later adopted an archaic figurative style, albeit one executed in a bright 20th-century palette. He was a deeply conflicted artist who struggled to reconcile the classical spirit of the Renaissance with the chaotic energy of modern industrial society.

The effort produced a remarkable and intriguing body of work, one that hasn’t been fully appreciated even by those people who know his most famous image, the Brooklyn Bridge painted as a modernist icon.

In 1919-20, he created an extraordinary painting, Tree of My Life, that portends the rest of this career. It’s a magical fantasy of plants, flowers, birds and insects suffused with a radiant light, like a pantheist altarpiece.

That painting inspired a series of delicate botanicals – flowers and plant forms executed in silverpoint and crayon – followed by restatements of classical themes such as The Birth of Venus and religious ones such as the Virgin Mary.

During the 1920s, Stella’s art is mystical as well as decorative and exotic; there’s a strong symbolist undercurrent in many of the pictures. Much of his symbolism involves flowers and trees which, whether painted or drawn, are rendered in rich, saturated colours.

Just when you think you have Stella pinned down as a neo-romantic or a closet symbolist, you run into a group of formalist collages that couldn’t be more emphatically modernist. The dichotomy in his thinking never disappears; the balance just keeps shifting from past to present.

Gender equality, also known as sex equality, sexual equality or equality of the genders, refers to the view that boys and girls should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender, unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment. Vef asks a question. How can gender equality be possible if the words used to describe man and woman are not equal? Woman is a possessive noun. It is a five letter word that is derived from man which, has three letters. That doesn’t seem equal to me or perhaps I’m completely silly.

There have been many efforts by world bodies including the United Nations to fight inequality which have largely failed. Happily, there is an easy solution to the problem of gender equality. Okay let’s commence with right use of language and get to a balanced starting point. Not defining words properly is a sure recipe for discussions and debates that lead nowhere, and heated arguments that are as passionate as they are meaningless. Vef is a three letter word so in my opinion it is a better alternative to woman. I want the same number of letters in as man to give me the same opportunities. Yes, I also want the number three. So please refer to her as Vef and she will have gender equality.

Bye Vef